Terms, Conditions and policy rules

The ICT Office General Terms and Conditions, lodged with the Chamber of Commerce Mid-Netherlands under number 30174840, apply to all our offers and agreements. You can consult the ICT Office General Terms and Conditions here and print them out if required.

Rules for camera surveillance
On Data Privacy Day (January 28th 2016), the Dutch Data Protection Authority published the new policy rules for camera surveillance, explicitly mentioning new technologies such as people counting and video from drones. These rules are privacy regulations that companies have to follow when deploying cameras.

The policies are elaborations of the Dutch Data Protection Act (DPA) and Police Data Act (PDA) that apply to the processing of personal data by means of a camera. The use of a camera mustbe necessary to achieve the goals and people should be informed that there is camera surveillance before they are filmed. 

In the case of DAT.Mobility the following applies: the system processes camera images automatically and then deletes them, so no recordings are made. The generated statistics data contain no personal information so the system is permitted by the new rules. Moreover, people counting with a camera is explicitly mentioned as a privacy friendly system in protection act. The solutions in our product group View.DAT use cameras.

The relevant document (only in Dutch) can be found here.