We offer a variety of consultancy services with a team of GIS, modelling and data specialists. Innovative solutions in offering quantitative information for your decisions or those of your clients. Among these are accessing and analysing geographical data and developing methods and techniques for traffic modelling and analysis.

We offer a variety of consultancy services with a team of GIS, modelling and data specialists.

Our strength is processing and modifying, combining, analysing and providing insight into huge volumes of data, as well as developing innovative methods and techniques. Together with our own IT-specialists we can also shape these into new tools and applications, solutions that enable both you and your clients to take better decisions. Thanks to our years of experience with the application of geographic information systems, we are unrivalled in our knowledge of the power of GIS for accessing and analysing geographic data for issues involving traffic and the environment. We also develop a variety of internet applications for our clients. You can also approach DAT for methods involving traffic modelling and analysis, among others through the arrival of big data. Alongside client-orientation and professionalism, innovation is a key concept in our working methods, innovations we work on ourselves within our own product range as well as together with our clients.

Team of experts

We have a team of experts in a variety of fields who are able to help you with the right decision-making information, whether on their own or with a software development team. Collaboration with our sister organisation Goudappel Coffeng, partners and universities ensures that we know the mobility market and are up to speed on the state of the art. But we can certainly also focus on innovations and can thus develop new products for you. The collaboration with universities means that, alongside deploying our own people in these organisations, we also supervise some ten students a year during their internships, where they work on scientific research that assists us further in our knowledge and product development.

Our consultants have a varied background:

  • Traffic experts: we have unrivalled knowledge of the traffic world and speak your language, so that we are able to translate your issues into applications.
  • GIS specialists: we know how best to deploy GIS to make information accessible and analyse it, so that you may for instance gain the best possible insight into the problems and the effects of solutions.
  • Model specialists: we have people with an enormous amount of experience in the application and development of traffic models. This expertise enables them to introduce the right innovations, to estimate models at the correct value and to develop methods for your issues.
  • Scientists: we are able to develop quantitative methods for data processing and analysis, to translate your issues and to answer them with scientific techniques and innovations shaped in model form.


Geographic information systems (GIS) are an important instrument in analysing and making geographical data accessible, and certainly also in linking data from a variety of sources. They also offer a host of possibilities for developing their own applications. GIS is thus a powerful tool for presenting information and supporting decisions. These systems and comparable internet applications are already important underpinnings for the environmental charting and coordination of roadworks notifications, for example, where we have carried out the required projects. We also deploy GIS for the analysis and visualisation effects of various measures, the accessibility of locations and route planners, for instance. Together with our knowledge of traffic, modelling and data, this makes us the right conversation partner for your GIS-related issues.

Model methodology

Traffic models have long been one of our company’s core fields of expertise. When it comes to innovations and development in this field, we have also been successful with both our own products and for our clients. Among the issues involved are demand modelling, network modelling, linking with emissions modelling and quick-scan modelling. We also use our knowledge of traffic modelling to offer specific solutions for our clients, namely in delivering decision-making information through to the development and testing of new types of measures and indicators. This means that with our expertise, alongside the development of our own products, we are also able to translate your issues into the best support. For example, this means that we carry out projects involving multimodal travel information, real-time traffic expectations, disruption through road works, mobility scanning, accessibility indicator for better utilisation, and queues at level crossings.

Big Data

Through us you gain access to a profusion of relevant data sources. We can deal with the huge data flows made available from new initiatives and systems (Chipcard data, GOVI, mobile apps, V-Log etc.), but of course we are also familiar with existing data sources. It is particularly by combining all this data that a host of possibilities become available, for example to gain a good image of the current situation, to monitor it or to estimate the effects of measures.
Through our knowledge of data, our expertise in processing and editing data and analysis, our access to data, our knowledge of the traffic world and our own GIS specialists and software developers within our company, we can turn data into information for you and advise you on it.