If you are looking for tailor-made solutions for your issues, then we can be of excellent assistance to you, using our expertise in mobility and IT.

We offer both software solutions and services. Naturally, a combination of the two is also an option.

The relatively young consultancy branch was initially set up to offer our existing clients customised expansion. Over time this branch has grown to become a professional, independent consultancy group, supporting our clients with software solutions and/or services, using our expertise in the fields of traffic applications and IT solutions.

Software made to order

Conceiving innovative software solutions has always been one of our most important activities. With the development of our products we can be of even more service to our clients, by offering software made to order. Absolute preconditions for the custom development of software are: i) a team of experts and ii) specialist development techniques.


Team of experts

We have a team of experts able to find the solution for your problem. Our expertise focuses on:

  • Computer science. Computer science is the key to software development. Our experts are all graduates in computer science and know how they should approach, design and develop software products. This results in the development of a product that works well.
  • Mathematics. The mathematicians in our team are able to consider the problem at a mathematical level. Their knowledge and skills enable them to apply mathematical theory in practice..
  • Traffic technology. Naturally, within our team experts with traffic technology skills are essential in developing software to order that is aimed at the traffic issues. After all, they speak the language of the traffic-expert advisor and they are able to translate the issue into applications.

Depending on the issues and possibilities in your project, we make up a multidisciplinary project team focusing on the specific issues, wishes and requirements in a project. This ensures that the right knowledge is to hand at the right moment in practice.


Development technologies

We use a variety of development technologies to create software to order, depending on the issue concerned. The following technologies might be used:

  • Various programming languages:
    • Java, C, C++
    • Ruby
    • Other languages depending on the required performance
  • OmniTRANS plug-ins:
  • Knowledge of working with large volumes of information within a limited memory capacity
    • The use of multiple processor cores through parallelisation
    • The use of specific processor instructions to optimise performance

Transport Studies

As developers of the innovative transport planning software package OmniTRANS, we are far and away the most experienced user of this product. With this knowledge, depending on your situation, we can help you with OmniTRANS-related projects, but can also conduct complete studies for you.


Specialist applications based on OmniTRANS

Sometimes projects are highly complex and demand considerable knowledge of traffic modelling and OmniTRANS. We can help you in such a case; the possibilities include:

  • Project training: In this case, we can offer you supplementary, customised training that can bring your project members up to speed with the required knowledge level.
  • Setting up and building projects: Starting, building and filling a traffic model can be a difficult task, where many data sources may need to be combined into one reliable model. We can conduct this task for you, so that you can start your project with a good OmniTRANS product. We can also provide training for the project members working on the project.
  • Development of software or plug-ins: If you lack a certain feature in OmniTRANS or if you want to connect OmniTRANS with other packages, we can realise this for you.


Process support during your product’s entire lifecycle

As software developers, we have experience in both the development and maintenance trajectories of software products, so our team can support you throughout the entire lifecycle of a product:

  • Business case analysis: A project generally begins with an innovative idea, after which the question arises: is it feasible? In drawing up a business case analysis, the feasibility of a product is analysed. We can support you during this step based on our experience.
  • Drawing up requirements: When starting a project it is important that the wishes and requirements of the product are properly charted. Our experience in software development and our knowledge of traffic applications ensure that this phase results in a complete list of requirements.
  • Developing the product: During the project phase the product is developed in accordance with the established specifications. As software developers we can offer you support during this phase.
  • Testing the product: Before you put the product to use it must be tested, so that the quality of your product is assured. This may be done through unit test modules, for example, or by conducting a peer review, where an external party checks the quality of the product. We can do this for you as an independent party.
  • Evaluation of a product: After delivery and commissioning of the product, it is advisable to evaluate your product. We have knowledge of and experience in evaluating products and charting the findings of the end-users.
  • Maintenance of a product: After the test and delivery phases, a product must be taken into commission. We can do this for you and we can maintain the product, the source code and the documentation for you.