Sense.DAT is a smart App to measure, analyse and store outdoor travel behaviour (travel diaries) and travel experience data.


To start using Sense.DAT you need login data. These will be provided to you from the mobility research project you will be participating in. After downloading and installing Sense.DAT and logging in, Sense.DAT will automatically start measuring your outdoor travel.

You do not need to activate or deactivate Sense.DAT. Your trips will appear automatically when you open the app. Sense.DAT uses the sensors in your iPhone to detect where and when you travelled, by what mode and which route. It offers a daily travel overview including statistics that can be accessed through a calendar.

Each trip can be viewed, approved and, if necessary, corrected by the user. In this way highly accurate and complete travel diaries can be obtained with little effort.

Sense.DAT includes self-learning algorithms to detect habitual patterns in behaviour. In this way the App will automatically detect frequently used routes and frequently visited places. These self-learning algorithms will over time lead to fewer corrections and more efficient battery use during measurements.


As Sense.DAT uses iPhone and GPS sensing technology extra battery usage will occur, particularly when you travel much. This is inevitable. However, Sense.DAT is designed in a way that during ‘normal’ travel your battery will last a day. We do advice to recharge you battery regularly.

Sense.DAT offers an experience sampling option, which makes it possible to ask additional questions based on actual travel behaviour. These questions will be put to you from the mobility study in which you are partaking. You are free to either answer or skip questions.

Sense.DAT has been developed to fully support panel based travel research. Data security and privacy protection have been given much attention. This means that the collected data will be used solely for research purposes.