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Three presentations at the European Transport Conferences 2016

The European Transport Conference, from 5-7 October 2016, was held in Barcelona. DAT.Mobility was present with a booth and three presentations.

Sense.DAT app successfully applied in large-scale study in Norway

 A research of the effects of stimulation of e-bike use occurred in the first half of 2016.

New innovative data collection techniques for the UK market

Nationwide Data Collection (NDC) and DAT.Mobility are joining forces to bring new innovative data collection techniques to the market.

Understanding the passenger experience

Presentation by Niels van Oort at IT-TRANS 2016. Knowing and understanding (potential) passenger behaviour. 

Crowd management at SAIL

AMS Institute, TU Delft and DAT Mobility are collaborating with the City of Amsterdam to develop a dashboard for monitoring pedestrian flows during SAIL. 

New release OmniTRANS

Enriching the transport model of the Rotterdam region by cell phone data

How travel patterns in a base model will be measured (instead of estimated) using Big Data (like mobile phone data). Klaas Friso gave a presentation at MT-ITS 3-5 June in Budapest.

Sense.DAT in App Stores

Sense.DAT is a smart App to measure, analyse and store outdoor travel behaviour (travel diaries) and travel experience data. The App is now available in App Stores Apple and Android.

Mobile phone data for optimization of the national and regional road network in Senegal

We won the Transport Prize in the Data for Development (D4D) Challenge with the paper 'National and Regional Road Network Optimization for Senegal Using Mobile Phone Data'.

Phantom Jam avoidance through in-car speed advice (ETC 2014)

In our research we have tested several strategies implementing in car dynamic speed limits in order to prevent phantom jams (In Dutch: spookfiles) from occurring. Penetration rate and the compliance rate of car drivers were varied to investigate the effects (ETC 2014).

Sinterklaas Parade - Naarden

We have monitored the event through footfall cameras on the three main entry/exit corridors, which detect and count pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

Monitoring Traffic - Amstelveen and Amstelmeer

Amstelveen and Aalsmeer are facing substantial changes in their road network. In order to underpin their policy making and designs on the best and most accurate view of todays mobility in their cities they decided to cooperate with
DAT.Mobility to deliver them ‘decision making data’ based on modern technology.


Red Carpet - Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has challenges balancing their hospitality for guests versus livability for inhabitants and challenges balancing accessibility of the city versus the safety of people in the city. In order to adress this challenge they wanted to have a clear view on the current situation; knowing and understanding how many people are present in the city?

Multimodal travel information in the region Maastricht

Casestudy on the use of a multimodal travel information service to reach accessibility objectives, by Henri Palm, Johan Camp and Casper Stelling (ETC 2014).

STAQ -  A new semi-dynamic model is now available within OmniTRANS

This static assignment model is very well suited for large networks and strategic studies as it models the effects of congestion (flow metering, queuing and spillback) in a proper way.

Sensor City

Development of an intelligent traffic management system and a real-time traffic model.

Travel on time: journey time tool for operations

A new journey time tool for the many roadworks around Westerlee (Zuid-Holland).

Let target groups travel more smartly with multimodal travel information

For which business models are travel information services the most viable? What are the findings to date?

SMS service roadworks notifications

From now on contractors and traffic regulators can notify their temporary road closures directly from the work location – by SMS.

Volume image with actual numbers of people!

Due to the increased interest in insights into mobility behaviour, View.dat has been improved with an expansion of the analysis options and an improved graphic interface.


Filejeppen (traffic tailback avoidance) is an App that combines an extremely good multimodal route-planner with game elements and social interaction.

Analysis of Carnival visitors

Carnival city competition: where do the visitors come from?

Mobility scan

Instruments usable in practice for a different view of accessibility issues.

Amsterdam practical test

The intelligent regulation of traffic in a specific area, network-wide and coordinated.

Better public transport with chipcard data

Traffic models fed by anonymous chipcard data appear to be extremely effective.

Maastricht Travel Information API

Shows commuters and visitors the way to the best possible means of transportation, route, multimodal journey and departure time.

Public transport and Big Data

Improvement of public transport and rail design, operations and service through Big Data and travel information.

Big Data supports light rail in Utrecht

How ‘big data’ is being accessed from private cars, smartcards, computers and mobile phones to support light rail.

Let target groups travel more smartly with multimodal travel information

For which business models are travel information services the most viable? What are the findings to date?