Travel information API Maastricht Accessible

Structurally more intelligent travel behaviour in its region is the mission of Maastricht Bereikbaar (literally translated, Maastricht Accessible). Good travel information and advice in advance, through its website, shows commuters and visitors the way to the best possible means of transportation, route, multimodal journey and departure time.

For the Beter Benutten – Maastricht Bereikbaar programme organisation, DAT.Mobility delivers a travel information service for pre-trip travel information and advice. Partner Bradon delivers the required ICT infrastructure. We designed the service as an ‘Application Programming Interface’ (API) so that the planning functionality (car, bicycle, public transport) could be integrated seamlessly and flexibly in the Maastricht Bereikbaar website. What is special about the travel planner for Maastricht Bereikbaar is the possibility of cross-border travel and multimodal travel (using a P+R or the bicycle). The travel planner also takes (historical) journey times for the various travel moments into account.

•    travel advice for travel by car, public transport, bicycle and e-bike in one overview;
•    extra-accurate car journey times, based specifically on current and historical travel times over a year;
•    cycling times and routes are indicated based on a detailed cycling planner;
•    the travel planner shows the costs per mode of transportation and the carbon emissions;
•    the travel advice shows the way to the nearest parking garage and shows the shortest walking route to the final destination;
•    on busy days the user sees his or her most favourable P+R and P+W areas.

For more information, in Dutch, see the website of Maastricht Bereikbaar.

Client: Maastricht Bereikbaar
Realisation: 2013 – 2014