SMS service produces even more up-to-date travel information on road closures

From now on contractors and traffic regulators can announce their temporary road closures directly from the work location – by SMS. The Arnhem-Nijmegen region is pioneering the large-scale roll-out.

The notification system has been expanded with an SMS service. Road administrators coordinate their roadworks with this system. After all, good coordination of temporary closures or obstructions reduces traffic disruption. The data made available in the system also increasingly finds its way to the road user: informative websites, route planners and navigation systems. So being up to date is crucial. You certainly don’t want to take a detour for a road closure which is no longer in effect; or you are still in a traffic jam because the road closure is lasting longer than expected and indicated by your travel planner. The SMS service tackles this issue.

Francien Bouma, ‘Roadworks Notifications’ product manager with DAT.Mobility: “With the new expansion, we are ensuring perfect updating. A closure is not marked as being ‘on’ or ‘off’ from the office, but on-site. After all, it’s the contractor on location who knows best when the barriers really have to be put up. And when they have really been taken down.” In recent months, the system has been tested in practice with the regions connected. Arnhem-Nijmegen launched the large-scale roll-out for its entire region on 21 May.

The notification system has a large user group. It is used in the provinces of Brabant, Gelderland, Overijssel and Drenthe. There are even special websites for the Twente region and the Arnhem-Nijmegen urban region. All the public sites can be seen at The data between these areas is automatically synchronised with each other and with the NDW. Bouma: “The functionality is aimed entirely at enabling notifications to be sent quickly and efficiently. The administrative burden should never be an excuse for not yet reporting a proposed closure (or event). Thanks to our notification system, we avoid awkward conjunctures every day and we contribute to the social objective: 'better informed on the way' (in Dutch). Our journey time predictors (in Dutch) also contribute to this.’

Why no App?
Bouma: “We are asked this question a lot. Certainly an SMS service sounds a little old-fashioned in this era of lively apps. But we are developing for, and from, actual practice. Try to ‘swipe’ when wearing builders’ gloves, for instance. Choosing an SMS service was at the specific request of the contractors. After all, it mainly has to be practical for them. We build cool apps for other applications, like ‘filejeppen’ (traffic tailback avoidance).”
Would you also like to connect to our Roadwork Notifications Online (in Dutch)? Then please get in touch with Francien Bouma

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