Sinterklaas Parade Naarden


The medieval city of Naarden has a historical centre located in a star shaped fortress. Small streets are the venue of the annual ‘Sinterklaas’ (Dutch Santa Claus), a nightly event that attracts thousands of young families with their children. The event, puts the municipality for a big challenge on safety and accessibility. The fort has only three access points. In order to be able to provide permission to the organising commitee, the municipality needs to know the number of visitors.

These numbers are valuable input for further risk assessments on pedestrian safety for the unlikely event of fire or other forms of panic amongst the public. We have monitored the event through footfall cameras on the three main entry/exit corridors, which detect and count pedestrians, cyclists and cars. In addition, a network of Bluetooth/Wifi sensors have been placed throughout the city centre to detect relative density patterns that follow the parade. Data collection was done real time and visualised in a web monitor. All data collection and processing was in accordance with privacy regulations. Based on mobile network data about the origin of visitors and their visit frequency is collected. This is providing a full mobility view and input for simulation with Pedestrian Dynamics to plan and optimise for the future.

For more information about this project please contact Peter Kant by t. 0570 666 111 or email.

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