Assen and TT site better accessible in the future

Assen is getting a large-scale urban sensor network (around 200 sensors) with which a variety of practical applications of complex sensor systems will be developed. Sensor City Mobility has been initiated by the province of Drenthe and the municipality of Assen.

We are developing an intelligent traffic management system and a real-time traffic model, which will be used to produce short-term predictions. Responding immediately to changing traffic situations and anticipating expected developments is possible through online monitoring of traffic flows and direct communication with (potential) traffic participants. Among the applications the region is envisaging are the accessibility of Assen’s inner-city (including an intelligent parking locator system) and managing events traffic around the TT site.
The sensor network will lead to better collection systems for traffic and parking information, where measuring and regulatory systems will be developed and tested in practice. Thus a variety of sources will generate reliable traffic information (including mobile phones, cameras and Bluetooth devices). Traffic lights can be coordinated precisely to match the anticipated traffic demand. Motorists will receive information about anticipated travel times, travel times for alternative routes and alternative modes of transport. The result will be better traffic circulation and a significant reduction in vehicle emissions.

In the Sensor City Mobility consortium we are working with TNO, TomTom, DySI, MagicView, NXP, Elevation Concepts, 9292, Parkingware, Peek Traffic, Quest TC, Mobuy and Univé.

Sensor City Mobility is also made possible by the European Union, the European Fund for Regional Development, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland, KOERS NOORD. 

More information
If you are interested in the final report or have questions about the project, please get in touch with Klaas Friso by e-mail.

Client: Stichting Sensor City
Realisation: 2011 – 2013

Sensor City Assen