Travel on time: journey time tool for operations

'Rij op Tijd Westerlee’ is the new journey time tool for the many roadworks around Westerlee (Zuid-Holland). This pilot builds on the earlier, successful ‘Eitje van Utrecht’.

The (mobile) website shows the current journey time, including any delays, on the various routes around Westerlee. This makes it a practical tool for the road-user to decide on the best route. The times are current. As soon as anything on the road changes, the delay time also changes immediately. Road-users can also receive free ‘alerts' by e-mail or SMS for major delays on their proposed routes. You can plan up to an hour ahead.

'Rij op Tijd Westerlee' was launched by the Province of Zuid-Holland in collaboration with the Stadsgewest Haaglanden and the municipality of Westland, within the framework of the 3-in-1 project. The journey time tool is a product by Goudappel/Technolution.

DAT.Mobility developed the underlying traffic model. This model provides the current journey times including any delays, and predicts the journey time up to an hour ahead.

Travel information services appear to be an effective instrument for reducing disruption caused by roadworks. Deploying journey time tools for operations like drainage renovation or large-scale maintenance of roads and bridges, is on the programme of the CROW Info Days on 18 June.

For more information about this project please get in touch with Henri Palm.

Project 'Rij op tijd' in Dutch