Red Carpet - Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has challenges balancing their hospitality for guests versus livability for inhabitants and challenges balancing accessibility of the city versus the safety of people in the city. In order to adress this challenge they wanted to have a clear view on the current situation; knowing and understanding how many people are present in the city?

What is their origin? What is their destination? What transport mode are people using? Which routes are preferred? How long they are staying and what their visit motivation is?
Based on this insight, a city centre model will be developed as well as a platform for event monitoring. Finally it can and will be used for (event)evaluation and planning for the future.

Together with partners DAT.Mobility is monitoring people’s movement on the cities ‘Red Carpet’.
By using mobile network data on Amsterdam Central train station visitor origin is retrieved as well as their visit frequency. Outside the Central train station actual number of people are measured, by using video as well as the transport mode distribution and speed. From Central station via the Dam square through the main shopping street “Kalverstraat” numbers and average flow speeds are measured, using Wifi and Bluetooth technology. In addition, a limited panel have signed up for detailed data collection through the “Move Smarter app” for this project. With permission, fine grained movement patterns of individuals are tracked and analysed. The results will be visualised and reported, providing the municipality a complete picture of mobility on this corridor into the city.
Of course all data is completely anonymous and aggregated and can’t be reduced in any way to individuals.

For more information about this project please contact Henri Palm by t. 0570 666 111 or email.

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