Enriching the transport model of the Rotterdam region by cell phone data

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) should be associated with all transportation modes, as they are part of a wide application framework. Only such a transportation framework will be able to meet the challenges of increasing traffic demand, limited resource availability and growing quality expectations of the customers.

This concept is represented by the series of conferences called “Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems”. The fourth edition of the series in June 2015 was held in Budapest, Hungary. The conference was held in a friendly atmosphere and was very well organised. It includes all transportation modes and focuses on issues of ITS development methods and traffic management aspects. The conference was held before in Rome (2009), Leuven (2011) and Dresden (2013) and aims to bring together experts from science, industry and the public sector.

About 70 papers were accepted for presentation at the conference. The papers deal with establishing traffic management systems, advanced technologies for traffic state detection and control, with models using highly-developed algorithms and big amount of provided data, and with integration processes of intelligent transportation system.

Klaas Friso gave a presentation titled ‘Enriching the transport model of the Rotterdam region by cell phone data’

The next MT-ITS conference will be in Napoli (June 2017).