Monitoring Traffic - Amstelveen and Aalsmeer



Amstelveen and Aalsmeer are facing substantial changes in their road network. In order to underpin their policy making and designs on the best and most accurate view of todays mobility in their cities they decided to cooperate with
DAT.Mobility to deliver them ‘decision making data’ based on modern technology.

We deployed a sensing infrastructure on 46 locations, containing 40 Wifi and Bluetooth sensors and 6 laser camera’s, measuring 24/7 during a period of two months.

Separate datastreams have been collected, combined and processed into a true information monitor on speeds and traffic volumes, segregation into numbers of vehicle types,  origin – destination relations and analysis on routes.
The chosen solution has proven to be a very cost effective way for monitoring on a scale unimaginable before and set up within only one week.

The resulting information is currently used to update the existing traffic model. Based on this infrastructure  Amstelveen and Aalsmeer would be able to maintain an up to date view on mobility and accesibility of their cities each and every day, to manage mobility and plan for the future.
All data collected is completely anonymous and aggregated complying with all privacy regulations applicable.

For more information about this project please contact Henri Palm by t. 0570 666 111 or email.

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