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New innovative data collection techniques for the UK market


Nationwide Data Collection (NDC) and DAT.Mobility are joining forces to bring new innovative data collection techniques to the market.

NDC provides specialist data collection services for transport planning, traffic engineering and market research in the UK & Ireland. Our staff have unrivalled experience in organising large scale data collection exercises with particular expertise being available in conducting manual & automatic traffic counts, roadside interview surveys, pedestrian counts & interviews, ANPR, Infrared video, radar speed surveys and parking studies.

DAT.Mobility are part of the Goudappel Group who are the leading traffic, transport and mobility consultant in the Netherlands. Together we will offer a portfolio of DAT branded solutions to collect data based on WIFI, Bluetooth, Traffic lights, GSM networks, Beacons and Apps to support data collection projects throughout Europe. These new services have been proved to deliver data on an unrivaled scale, coverage and reliability in numerous traffic, transport and crowd management projects in the Netherlands. 

Also NDC and our subsidiary Goudappel Coffeng started a new company on June 1, 2016. The new company, which will operate under the name of NDC Netherlands, focuses on all forms of collecting traffic data. "NDC Netherlands makes up for its introduction on the Dutch market using the years of expertise that has been built by the employees of the department Fieldwork Goudappel Coffeng that goes entirely in the new company," says director Olaf Seinen.

Existing and new customers of NDC Netherlands can therefore use the knowledge gained in the Netherlands Goudappel Coffeng during the last 50 years, supported by the expertise gathered by NDC in the UK. NDC currently operates from five offices in Scotland, Ireland and England. Read more on the website:

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