Carnival city competition: Which city attracts the most visitors

Carnival city competition: Lampegat (Eindhoven) attracts the most visitors
DAT.Mobility today published a survey on the appeal of Carnival cities. Lampegat (Eindhoven) appears to attract the most visitors. Kielegat and Oeteldonk are the most popular Carnival cities for fun-seekers from ‘above the Moerdijk’.

What is significant about the survey is its objectivity. The degree of attraction has been measured objectively rather than being estimated by the local authorities. This enables a good comparison of the cities. The researchers used the View.DAT technology, which provides an insight – entirely anonymously – of the visitor numbers based on mobile phones. The researchers analysed 18 major Carnival cities – 10 in Noord-Brabant, 8 in Limburg and Boeskoolstad (Oldenzaal) in Overijssel.

The Top 5 in terms of incidental visitors to the Carnival:

  1. Lampegat (Eindhoven)
  2. Oeteldonk (’s Hertogenbosch)
  3. Kielegat (Breda)
  4. Mestreech (Maastricht)
  5. Kruikenstad (Tilburg)

Bart Heijnen, mobility advisor with Goudappel Coffeng and a fervent Carnival celebrator in Kielegat (Breda): “I’m proud of my city, but there are sometimes complaints about the huge number of people who are not from Brabant, who come ‘from above the rivers’ to celebrate Carnival with us. My colleagues at DAT.Mobility were able to convert that gut feeling into objective reality. This inspired us to share the analysis results more widely.”

Like knows like in Waereldstad (Geleen), above the rivers heads for Kielegat (Breda) en Oeteldonk (’s Hertogenbosch)
Peter van der Mede, Big Data expert with DAT.Mobility: “For this survey we considered the incidental visitors during Carnival days. These are people who visit a specific city less than three times a month. Indeed, 75% of those who came especially to the Carnival days in Breda, turn out to come from ‘the North’, with more than half from Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Dordrecht and The Hague.” Oeteldonk (’s Hertogenbosch) and Krabbegat (Bergen op Zoom) also appear to be magnets for Carnival celebrators ‘from above the rivers’. At the other end of the ranking are the Limburg cities. There people celebrate Carnival mainly among themselves, with Waereldstad (Geleen) the leader with a slender 4% of ‘Holland’ visitors.

Boemeldonck (Prinsenbeek) parade actually the real winner
Further analysis yields more interesting insights. The shift in visitors to the small Boemeldonck (Prinsenbeek), for example, stands out on Sunday when their lavish Carnival parade is held. Things are seven to eight times busier than on a normal Sunday. Van der Mede: “If you compare that with Lampegat (Eindhoven), where the parade is held on Saturday, then you see that Lampegat certainly has the greatest degree of attraction in an absolute sense, but not really much more in comparison with a normal Saturday. In my view Boemeldonck is the winner.”

About the survey
DAT.Mobility (part of the Goudappel Groep) produces information services under the name View.DAT, based on the analysis of anonymous mobile phone data. This data comes from Vodafone and is anonymised and aggregated by partner company Mezuro, after which DAT.Mobility produces volume images and origin charts.

The volume images and origin charts indicate at the local level, per hour, how many people are present in a location, where the visitors come from and how often these visitors come. These details are used for analysing the attractive strength of the Carnival cities.
Download the complete survey here (in Dutch)