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DAT.Mobility is a new company bursting with experience and knowledge. All ICT expertise in the Goudappel Group in the field of big data, model methodology, geographic information systems and software development have been brought together in DAT.Mobility. We see great opportunities that offer intelligent and integrated systems. Opportunities that not only provide better visibility, but also help us to get a better grip on mobility behaviour. DAT.Mobility employs smart developers and mobility experts who work on smart applications. We are entrepreneurs who are ready to take on the challenge.
DAT.Mobility develops tools, but also offers innovative customised solutions, advice and training. In short, everything that will make your policy more effective and improve the service to your target group.

DAT.Mobility provides solutions for professionals working for governments, semi-public organisations, companies, traffic advisers, planners, policy makers, carriers, road builders and distributors. But also for marketers, park managers or event agencies in or outside the Netherlands. Solutions for anyone who works with people in motion, or who are themselves in motion. For you.


Acquisition for our vacancies is not appreciated.


Graduation projects

DAT.Mobility is a knowledge based company with direct connections with many universities in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Therefore, we offer several internship positions master and bachelor in the field of ICT/computer science, GIS, mathematics and civil engineering. While doing your internship at DAT.Mobility you will be supervised by one or two of our experienced colleague and working on projects improving our solutions. The available projects vary from theoretical to practical. Furthermore, you will be part of our organisation, offering you the possibility to be involved with daily work in our organization, exchanging knowledge and as a result get everything out of your internship.

We offer several specific assignments posted at our website. However, these are certainly not the only assignments we can offer and also for those posted it is possible to discuss the concrete dimension of the assignment. We are interested in assignments related to using “new” data sources deploying data science techniques to be able to provide decision information (e.g. state estimation, visualization, data analytics, data integration, etc), improving or new transport modelling techniques (e.g. real time prediction, data driven transport modelling, high performance modelling, Public transport modelling, modelling of active modes). Bringing your own idea of an assignment is also highly appreciated. If interested just contact us to discuss the options.

For more information please contact Luc Wismans, Teammanager Consultancy, telephone +31 (0)570 666 111.

Current jobs 

Our company launched with a real hackathon