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Put together mobility experts from the Netherlands who have played a leading role in the market for 50 years and combine their ICT expertise in the fields of monitoring, modelling, managing and planning... and what do you get?

DAT.Mobility is a new company bursting with experience and knowledge. All ICT expertise in the Goudappel Group in the field of big data, model methodology, geographic information systems and software development have been brought together in DAT.Mobility. We see great opportunities that offer intelligent and integrated systems. Opportunities that not only provide better visibility, but also help us to get a better grip on mobility behaviour. DAT.Mobility employs smart developers and mobility experts who work on smart applications. We are entrepreneurs who are ready to take on the challenge.
DAT.Mobility develops tools, but also offers innovative customised solutions, advice and training. In short, everything that will make your policy more effective and improve the service to your target group.

DAT.Mobility provides solutions for professionals working for governments, semi-public organisations, companies, traffic advisers, planners, policy makers, carriers, road builders and distributors. But also for marketers, park managers or event agencies in or outside the Netherlands. Solutions for anyone who works with people in motion, or who are themselves in motion. For you.

DAT.Mobility was officially launched on 1 January 2014. The company was created from the merging of Omnitrans International with a number of ICT-oriented components from its sister company Goudappel Coffeng. DAT.Mobility employs approximately 40 people in total.
The employees are highly educated and there are close contacts with the Delft University of Technology, the University of Twente and NHTV. Graduates and doctoral candidates are associated with DAT.Mobility on a continuous basis. The content quality of our solutions and advice is guaranteed. How can we help you?


DAT.Mobility makes mobility choices easier for everyone in the field of mobility, from policy adviser to investor or from director to consumer, for the journey of today and the world of tomorrow. We do that through providing superior and manageable products and the best service.


The mobility of tomorrow is characterised by even more dynamic and diversity. The possibilities are expanding while the complexity is increasing. This makes it harder for governments, businesses and consumers to respond with adequate policies, responsible investments and smart travel choices.

Given the fast developments in the fields of big data and ICT, such as smartphones, the availability of data and technology are no longer a limiting factor. Processing and interpretation of data, translating it into relevant information and the way in which it is made available and presented are becoming important.
From our knowledge in the fields of mobility, ICT and modelling, we know how to create information from the appropriate data sources and to deliver this in the form of applications, reports and advice to help people make the best possible decisions ‘anywhere, anytime, anyhow’.

We continue to expand our knowledge leadership based on our close relationships with the academic world in the field of mobility, and through our partners and good relationships with loyal customers.
We are in the market and serve the market, but with human involvement. That is why we are socially committed, contribute to discussions and knowledge development, and look for added social value. This is the source of our enthusiasm and determination for realising ‘state-of-the-art’ products and services in an innovative way and with a high level of productivity.

In five years’ time, this will make us a market leader in our home market and a leading player in the world.



Based on our existing products, services and customers, we continually assess how we can align our portfolio even better to the customer’s needs. This is converted into new solutions and services through our own development or on the basis of partnerships.
The customer and our market are the starting point and we focus mainly on building and delivering ICT ‘products’ that we can launch onto the market ourselves and, in particular, onto the international market with partners worldwide.
To achieve that, we focus on data services, information services and application services that are made available through a single, flexible architecture over the internet.
All our ICT services are supported by first-class documentation, training and support services to guarantee optimal user experience.

Core values

  • In our markets we act from knowledge leadership.

  • We do this with integrity

  • And respect for the individual (regardless of whether it concerns a customer, employee, partner or other person).

  • We believe in growth of the business through development of our employees and actively encourage this.

  • Working for DAT is experienced as challenging and fun. We want to have fun in our work!

  • Finally, the business must be profitable.


DAT.Mobility works closely with various partners in consultancy and educational sector. Click here for a full list of our partners.

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